About Us

Hey! We’re Fotios (Frank) and Renee . . . And We’re Your Survival Strategists!

Hi newbies and fellow enthusiasts!  We are Fotios (Frank) and Renee, a husband and wife team and founders of www.ProSurvivalStrategies.com.

Why We Built This Site?

We founded this website due to our passion for the outdoors and to educate you on the real dangers faced in any survival situation. In fact, it’s our mission to help everyone develop a survival mindset and apply these skills in order to enjoy the great outdoors safely. We can all agree that our basic instinct to survive will never change. Our bodies have the amazing ability to endure. 

In an increasingly uncertain world, our focus is to prepare you for any survival situation you may encounter. We look to identify every danger from the silent invisible assassins such as hypothermia and frostbite to poisonous snakes lurking near your campsite. The advice we give will prepare you physically and mentally and make you aware of the potential dangers you may face.  

Just scratching the surface of any topic is simply not enough. We firmly believe that a detailed analysis is most essential to help you understand basic survival skills and to make a well-informed decision on any piece of equipment. 

Education is of the utmost importance because being well-informed and fully prepared will give you the confidence to survive. 

So Why Listen To Us?

The answer is simple, because we genuinely care for your safety. As you probably know, there is a great deal of bad advice out there. The wrong information in any survival situation can clearly cost you your life. 

Our topics will cover a wide range of threats from rip currents to the poisonous brown recluse spider. We will examine gear for your kit and its importance. 

We love the great outdoors but we also have to respect it.  Anytime we venture off the concrete pavement, we are well aware of the dangers and hardships that can arise.  Our advice to you is exercise caution at all times and be prepared. 

Our Survival Network Knows Best.

ProSurvivalStrategies.com is based on our knowledge and that of our experts. We are here to create the most trusted source of survival advice. We’ve conducted countless hours of research to assist you. In support, we have reached out to experts to further give you a solid foundation on the topics covered. 

When it comes to products, we have done the research for you. It is our goal to make sure you make a well-informed decision when purchasing any product. 

Our role on this site isn’t solely to answer questions . . . it’s to come up with questions that need answering. We don’t do this on our own either. We do a ton of research to see what’s unanswered or answered poorly. We also receive excellent questions from people like you. 

If you have a survival question, we are here to help you figure it out.

We clearly want ProSurvivalStrategies.com to keep you safe under any and all circumstances and make your outdoor adventures as pleasant as possible. 

Wishing you and your families nothing but the best. Stay well and be safe.  

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